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Driving a positive impact for people and the environment is a central partof Active Brands’ mission, and one of our top five strategic priorities. We holdourselves accountable for the environmental footprint we leave behindus and strive to improve the wellbeing of people whose lives we touchthroughout our operations. We seek to ensure everyone has a voice andmaintain a culture where environmental and social responsibility is alsobeneficial for our business, with policies that align with our values anddirection.

Transparency and collaboration are key principles that guide us towards constant improvement and the achievement of our goals. We recognize the importance of open communication and working together with stakeholders to address challenges and implement solutions.

Environmental and social responsibility is ingrained in our daily work and operational processes. We have established steering documents and routines that are implemented not only among our own employees but also extended to our business partners and their associated suppliers.We base our efforts on identified risks and opportunities throughout our value chain where we monitor our focus areas and take proactive steps to continuously improve.


Our overarching policies for setting our standards towards business partners and uphold responsible practices includes:

SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT sets out our expectations and requirements for our business partners including compliance with laws and regulations, labor standards, human rights, and environmental protection. All suppliers must sign and agreement to our code of conduct before a business relationship is established and any orders are placed.

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS CONDUCT POLICY serves as a guiding principle for our operations, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of integrity and contribute positively to society and the environment. The policy outlines our responsibility and standards including respect for human rights, fair labor practices, and environmental sustainability.


You find more details about our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach, due diligence process, focus areas as well as future targets and current status in our 2022 ESG IMPACT REPORT (available for download further up the page)


Knowing where our materials and products are made, including facility locations, is a prerequisite for both monitoring and improving social and environmental impacts of our operations. At Active Brands we don’t own any of our manufacturing sites ourselves but have a direct relationship with selected manufactures representing 98% of our volumes. This relationship allows us to maintain transparency and accountability in our supply chain.We share the facility location of all key Tier 1 and 2 suppliers via Open Supply Hub and our assembling partners are listed below.

We design, develop and produce our products with a clear aim to last.


Active Brands set social conduct high on the agenda and the topic is a standard issue at all board meetings.

Our main goal above all is to work with long-term relationships that give us full traceability.

Traceability is not only a matter of materials but also of social conduct.

Active Brands has a sourcing office in Shanghai that handles all scouring, and testing and follows up on our code of conduct on a daily basis.

We have full control of all factories and visit them all, firsthand, several times within one production cycle. We have spent the last 6 years building a tight relationship with our partners:

IEH – Ethical trade Norway is a member-based organization and resource center for sustainable trade

BCSI – is an FTA organization that helps member companies to integrate social compliance at the heart of their global supply chains.

These two partners supply us with various tools, monitor our development to become better every year and help out with third-party inspections. They also provide us with vital information from other brand owners around the world that shares the same vendors as we do.

We have full transparency about whom we work with and the factory list is public.

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