Active Brands acknowledges the sever situation the globe is in at this present state. We are a bunch of dedicated people who spend a lot of our time off work in nature and we wish nature to continue to be the sanctuary that it is for us now – also for the future for our children and coming generations. 

Active Brands is well aware of the footprint that the clothing industry has on a worldwide basis. We design, develop and produce our products with a clear aim to last. The long lifecycle of our quality has a huge impact on how substantiable our clothing is.

This set to side we work continuously to develop products with the best intent -the best materials, i.e., more recycled fibers, safer dyeing methods, low carbon shipping, taking care of the waste materials of production and making new wonderful products of this.

We work both with methods within the company to minimize the footprint and with branded partners such as Bluesign, Økotex, RSD, BCI and so on.

We encourage the audience to take of their clothing to make them last longer and to recuse or regift when possible.

Check out our different brand webpages for updated information on what we are working with currently.

Social responsibility and sourcing

Active Brands set social conduct high on the agenda and the topic is a standard issue on all board meetings. 

Our main goal above all is to work with long-term relationships that gives us full traceability.

Traceability is not only a matter of materials but also of social conduct.

Active Brands has a sourcing office in Shanghai that handles all scouring, testing and follows up our code of conduct on a daily basis. 

We have full control of all factories and visit them all, firsthand, several times within one production cycle. We have spent the last 6 years building a tight relationship with our partners:

IEH – Ethical trade Norway is a member-based organization and resource center for sustainable trade

BCSI – is an FTA organization that helps member companies to integrate social compliance at the heart of their global supply chains.

These two partners supply us with various tools, monitoring our development to become better every year and helps out with third party inspections. They also provide us with vital information from other brand owners around the world that shares the same vendors as we do. 

We have full transparency of whom we work with and the factory list is public.